About Salon Suppliers

It all began in January 1992, a concept thought up by Michelle and a friend, both of whom are qualified beauty therapists, and became what is known today as the incredibly successful Salon Suppliers. Michelle realised that in a busy salon, there was always something needed and someone from the staff had to waste valuable operating time to attend to the purchase and collection of goods, or taking a machine to be repaired.

From the outset, the aim of the business was to supply everything from equipment and waxes right down to the ear buds and toilet paper, to collect machinery for repair, and to deliver it, aiming to keep the therapists at their business, generating revenues and not wasting precious time running around.

The business started with Michelle at the helm, taking orders and doing deliveries. Jenny became a partner and did the books, keeping an eye on the financial aspect of the business. As Salon Suppliers became busier, Jenny’s involvement became inevitable, and the business operation was based at Jenny’s house in Bryanston.

Ali, originally the gardener, was keen to join the team and was sent for driving lessons. He eventually became a full-time driver, taking an enormous amount of pressure off the rest of the team. Maureen joined in 2001, and it was obvious to the rest of the team how invaluable she would become, enjoying the challenges and meeting the customers. By 2001, the company had outgrown Jenny’s house and moved to new, more spacious premises.

Jenny, after 20 years of wonderful service has retired. Maureen has been with us for 15 years and Johanna 7 years. Happy to say they are still enjoying working for Salon Suppliers. Brian has joined us and is driving and getting to know the industry.

The new premises in Kyalami are large enough to accommodate the company well into the future, and visitors can enjoy the ‘country feeling’ and the easy parking!