Hair Salon Furniture

We supply a complete range hair salon equipment including all kinds of salon chairs (styling chairs, barber chairs, shampoo chairs, cutting stools), salon stations, shampoo bowls & backwash units, dryer chairs & hair dryers, salon carts & trolleys, etc.

Comfortable wash stations

We supply a variety of wash stations for your hair salon, different shapes and sizes to suit the style and functionality of your salon perfectly.

Livo, Dyno, Raz-Berry, Ibis, Paradise, Coral, Tudor, Optima, Pearl, Chicago, Mexico, Ruby, Mono, Crew, Calico Jack/Barber, Wash Basin Deluxe

Relaxing salon chairs

We can assist you in getting the perfect chairs for your hair salon or barber shop and have various styles to suit your salon or barber shop perfectly. These chairs are comfortable for customers and easy to get around for staff. We also offer kids chairs to make the experience exciting for young ones.

Crane, Dyno, Eagle, Flamingo, Ibis, Paradise, Parrot, Sky, Stork, Ruby, Namib, Serengeti, Shrike Kids Chair, Booster Seat

Please note that foot rests are not included with the chairs.

Barber chairs

With various styles to suit your salon or barber shop perfectly, these chairs offer comfort for your customers.

Golem, Lounge, Eros, Barbossa Black, Majesty, Saint, Throne, Apollo, Pluto, Giant, Calico Jack, Barbosa, Calico Jack (white/bushveld tan), Calico Jack (graphite/redwood leather), Calico Jack (graphite/rustic green) , Noble

Salon/Barber trolleys

Organisation is important for any Salon and Barber shop. Reduce clutter and avoid having to hunt for tools or supplies with our range of stylish trolleys.

Florence, Milan, Venice