Clients are invited to visit Salon Suppliers and experience our showroom and the multitudes of items that are held in stock. Often the customer who does visit is surprised to find those unusual, but necessary items within the arsenal of supplies kept by these professionals. The entire team love servicing the needs of each and every customer, who inevitably become long-term friends. The Salon Suppliers mandate is to have a friendly, efficient service and to go the extra mile to assist customers in every conceivable way. The company does their utmost to keep prices as low as possible, delivering goods to your doorstep. By keeping to a C.O.D. system, they do not have large overhead expenses, and are able to pass these savings on to the customer.

Delivering to certain areas on fixed days, the team will always try to accommodate an urgent delivery to your salon. Salon Suppliers have a number of customers who operate out-of-town or in neighbouring countries, speaking volumes about their integrity and phenomenal service. Additionally, the company regularly post or courier orders to far away clients. The team… Michelle, Maureen, Johanna and Brian invite you to try their invaluable service, low pricing and endless range of supplies. Successfully supplying the beauty industry – that’s the Salon Suppliers way.