Waxing Products

A complete selection of the best waxing supplies & equipment that meet the needs of your budget and technique. We selected the best products such as Depilève – a world leader in professional hair removal systems.

That is why we offer a wide variety in:
Hard waxes, Stripless waxes, Lukewarm waxes, Warmers, Economical kits, Applicator sticks, Non Woven, Waxing strips, Film Waxing, Lotions, Paraffin Waxing and more.

Easy to apply hot wax

We Stock a variety of hot waxes that are easy to apply and gentle to remove. They offer a pleasant fresh sensation and are available in various different scents. They are also suitable for use in hot weather conditions.

Film wax

Film wax has been part of the Depileve range for a substantial time.
Easily applied in very thin and flexible layers.
It does not need strips to remove it. It can take out the shortest of hairs.
Gentle on the skin, suitable for all skin types.

Intermate Film / Monoi Film / Karite Film / Mens Bronze / Gold Black

Thin consistency strip wax

We Stock Strip Wax formulated with a thin consistency used for larger areas. This formula is also excellent for dry flaking skin, its tough on hair but very Gentle on the skin.


Strips Roll 80m / pre-cut 100 / pre-cut 500 / strip 80m perforated

New generation cartridge wax

The New Generation Cartridge Wax have many different benefits like the regenerating and moisturising action of the Aloe Vera, for a soothing wax.
Salicylic Acid, Mica and Titanium Dioxide helps prevent ingrown hair and is ideal for both men and women.

We stock items that have soothing, revitalising and moisturising effects. Specially recommended for dry skin that usually suffers from irritation.
We also have easy application and soft pull which is perfect for sensitive skin.
We have wax with a rejuvenating and firming action thats a real revolution in the wax system thanks to its hydrolysed marine Collagen. Without Colophonium to minimise allergic reactions and irritations.

We also have wax with a liquid texture to enable application without edges.
As well as wax with a new exclusive formula with rooibos extract.


Pre and Post Lotions

Easy Clean 220ml 1L

Wax Collars 400g & 800g

Tweezers Perforated / Ergonomic / Precision

Spatulas mini & body & large

Ear Guards

Retail Products – Folisan / Foliserum / Folimousse / Foliscrub / Intermate Folisan / Folisan Man / Folibeard